Ra the Mighty: The Great Tomb Robbery

Illustrated by Sarah Horne

Yikes! A thief has stolen treasure from an ancient tomb! But never fear… Ra the Mighty, Pharaoh’s Cat, is on the case. With his loyal companions Khepri and Miu, he makes friends with a young tomb painter and discovers a whole host of spooky goings-on. Forced to live the simple life in a village of tomb-builders, they confront a bewildering array of suspects—and their pets. Who is the thief? What is the young painter’s secret? And is the great god Anubis really haunting the valley? It will take a Truly Great Detective—and a fur-raising midnight chase—to catch the culprits and track down the missing treasure.

Coming in October 2019!

“Greenfield keeps the action fast-paced, seamlessly weaving in much information about ancient Egypt, and the interactions among the distinctive and delightful characters are hilarious.”


Engaging and funny, this comically illustrated mystery mixes ancient Egyptian history with clues and twists to create a satisfying whodunit.”