Recommended Links



  • Causes of Color: A website about color and color vision
  • Color Vision: A site that describes the different kinds of color vision and lets you "see" through color-blind eyes.
  • Ask a Color Scientist: Questions about the phenomenon of color answered by the staff of the Munsell Color Science Laboratory


  • Traditions Mexico: Tours and workshops exploring the arts and crafts of Oaxaca, the ancient center of the cochineal trade, led by Eric Mindling. Conducted with sensitivity, enthusiasm, and respect for local artisans and their traditions.
  • Tlapanochestli: A fascinating modern-day cochineal nopalry and museum run by Ing. Ignacio del Río Dueñas in Santa María Coyotepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Natural Dyeing

  • Natural Dyes List: An internet group dedicated to the delights and challenges of natural dyeing.

Sources for Cochineal and Related Dyeing Materials